Saturday, 12 November 2011

Just getting started

Vow... my virgin post ever ... feels good. Had a habit to write my thoughts, anguishes, worries, anxieties and 'reasons to smile' in my diary... but the busier life got the better of me and diaries started gathering dust.
Now, after a quick chat with my friend , Nish ... I thought .. why not blog!

Life has taken too many twists and turns after exit from college with great aspirations that the world will be welcoming me with wide open arms into its bossom.. but sadly nothing even close happened..

Well.. before I get into that.. firstly would like to open a champagne of bottle on my blog opening day.. sadly its not 11.11.11 but 12.11.11... err doesn't matter.. Tott!! blobp...whooosh!! ssssssssssss .. raising the toast and here you go with your drink.. Cheers!!

more to come.. watch out this space..